Amina Suleiman Gas, 45 stands amidst the carcasses of her dead animals, piled for burning outside the compound where she has lived for 10 years in Barwako village 20kms into the desert from Anaibo Town, central Somaliland. Last week she lost 18 of her animals, now she is left with 12. She sent most of her livestock west with her neighbor in November 2016 when the drought began to get worse and fears they have not survived. Barwako was a village of 100 families but 245 more have come in from the surrounding area because of the drought. Amina is a member of the Villlage Savings and Loans Association (VSLA) who have shared all their savings with the displaced families, now they have nothing left. “We shared everything with them,” Amina says. At least 6.2 million people, more than half the population, need assistance after 4 consecutive seasons of failed rains over 3 years have left the region depleted of all its resources and experiencing a drought on a scale not seen since 1974. It is on the verge of famine. CARE International has helped over 300,000 people since the drought situation became critical in October 2016, 200,000 of which have received water assistance.